Support: WinTV GO/PCI FM, WinTV Express and WinTV Theater

WinTV Windows driver and WinTV Apps download

WinTV application and driver download package

WinTV v7 installation package, version 5.9g
For Windows XP SP2

File name: cd-analogue-pci-59g.exe
File size: 18.2MB

This download is a complete installation package, including drivers for supported WinTV products plus the WinTV application and utilities.

Installation notes:

Step 1 - Extract the drivers/software

  • Download the file to a suitable location on your computer then extract it (windows has built in support for zip files, if you right click on the file and select 'extract all' a wizard will guide you through extracting the directory).

  • Step 2 - Previous software removal

    • Browse to the folder you just extracted to (e.g. through My Computer) and locate a file called hcwclear.exe.
    • Run it and choose the options Remove All WinTV Drivers and Applications (Total Removal) and Search All .INF Files for Conflicting Hardware.
    • Note: wait until the black box has disappeared of its own accord before proceeding.

    Step 3 - Reboot

    • Please shutdown and reboot your PC.
    • IMPORTANT! Once rebooted, please do not cancel any 'Found new hardware' wizards and also ensure that the original driver CD is NOT in the CD drive.

    • Step 4 - New Driver Installation

    • After Windows reboots, you will see some New Hardware Found prompts. For each one, please choose the following options:
    • On the first page, you will be asked if you want to choose to search Windows Update for drivers. Select 'No, not this time' and click next.
    • On the next page select 'Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)' and click next.
    • On the next page you will be asked 'Please choose your search and installation options'. Select 'Search for driver in these locations' and then Specify the extracted folder (the folder you extracted in step 1 Note: If there is a drivers folder available under the extracted directory select that)
    • Keep clicking Next for the rest of the steps then Finish to end the wizard
    • Depending on the product, you may see several New Hardware Found wizards. Follow the same steps for each.

    • Step 5 - WinTV2000 Installation

      • Run Setup.exe from the extracted folder (from Step 1) you will be presented with a list of things to install, leave all the default settings and click install.
      • Once the installation is complete you should now have a WinTV2000 icon on your desktop.


    Add-ons for the WinTV GO


    WinTV GO


    downloadDownload Prodinfo

    Prodinfo.exe is a program you can run which will extract information about the WinTV product you have installed such as model and serial number, MAC address, revision, and features which can be used to identify the exact model of your product. The driver for the device must be installed in order to run Prodinfo.exe

    downloadDownload HCW Clear

    HCWCLEAR.exe is a program you run to remove all driver and files that were installed with the installation of the Wintv program.