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Latest applications and driver updates

MediaMVP version 3.4 for the wired and wireless MediaMVPs

MediaMVP version 3.4 25345 installation and utilities setup program for Windows XP and Vista (32-bit versions)

Name: mediamvpsetup_34_25345.exe
Size: 12MB
Updated: December 15, 2007

Notes: this version will run under Vista (all 32-bit versions). Also, this version will play WMV files under Vista. This is a complete installer, and includes the MediaMVP application, MediaMVP Server application and Search for Media application. This version is for both the MediaMVP and wireless MediaMVP.

To install the new MediaMVP program (server and MediaMVP application):

On the PC server

  • download the new MediaMVP setup program and unzip it
  • run the MediaMVP setup

On your MediaMVP

  • remove the power plug from the MediaMVP . Wait 10 seconds.
  • plug the power into the MediaMVP.
  • If this is a new installation, you will need to choose your Access Point and MediaMVP server (see the MediaMVP Quick Install Guide for information on the MediaMVP network setup)
  • It takes about 2 minutes to load the MediaMVP application once the power plug is plugged in.

Updates in this version:

  • Support for the Wireless MediaMVP
  • Faster "volume" operation
  • New configuration menu for adjusting the time for the screen saver, the number of seconds for playing slide shows, and more. These items are on the second configuration page.
  • New two line display for videos, showing length of video in hours/minutes/seconds
  • "Sticky" sorting preferences
  • Now supports the "new" Hauppauge remote with separate volume buttons, plus a new ergonomic design.
  • Update for WindowsXP SP2 firewall: this version checks for the presence of the WindowsXP firewall,. If the Xp firewall is detected, you will be asked if settings can be made to the firewall to enable the MediaMVP to access the PC through the firewall.
  • Fix for stuttering MPEG videos on previous beta version
  • Faster user interface - menu navigation is faster
  • SCART connector now powers off when turning off your MediaMVP using the green power button on the remote control

New features:

New information line for videos: a new two line status bar has been added so that longer file names can be viewed, plus the length (in time) of the video is displayed.

Hit the green button at the bottom of your Hauppauge remote to see the video status at any time while playing a video.

New configuration menu: there is a second page added in Settings/Configuration to set the time out for the screen saver, a setting for the time between pictures when running a slide show, a default preference for displaying files (date ascending, descending, size, etc.)

TV Scheduler: This version of MediaMVP has the ability to schedule recordings on the PC server IF the PC has a WinTV installed. During the installation of the MediaMVP update, you will be asked if you want to allow the scheduling of WinTV recordings. Click 'Yes' to do so. You will asked to enter your Windows password. The scheduler can be found under Settings/Scheduler.

Music ID3 tags now are displayed: this version of MediaMVP software will display ID3 tags when browsing or playing MP3 music. ID3 data is automatically displayed when you play music. To see the ID3 information when browsing through lists of MP3 music, click the Record button on your remote control.

Fix for Failed to contact GUI server: This error message might show up in some local area networks with either firewall software, traffic shaping software (e.g. Netlimiter, etc.), or even with the latest "Advanced networking package for XP" (on some PCs together with other 3rd party software).

This error has been fixed by changing the MediaMVP GUI server network connection inheritance scheme. A software update with this fix is included in our latest MediaMVP installer. To install, download this link and run it, then unplug your MediaMVP so it can load the new software.

Accessory software for the MediaMVP

TCPIP Optimization for better network performance

Download TCPIP Optimization - to improve the network performance when sending video to the MediaMVP

See the MediaMVP user interface on your PC screen


DownloadBatch file to turn on the MediaMVP user interface on your PC

This batch file will turn on the MediaMVP user interface on your PC. Once turned on, you will see a mirror what you see on your TV set with MediaMVP. After running this batch file, you can control the MediaMVP from either the MediaMVP (via its remote control) or from the PC.

Here's what's in the batch file:
net stop MVPMedia
net stop MVPMedia
net start MVPMedia

To install this batch file, download it into the directory which holds the MediaMVP.exe file. Then run the batch file.
To close the MediaMVP user interface on the PC, hit the "Ctrl" key on your PC keyboard.

Technical notes and tips on using MediaMVP

Connecting MediaMVP directly to a laptop or PC
You can connect the MediaMVP directly to a PC or laptop. To do this, you will need a 'crossover' cable, which you can either buy at a computer store or make yourself. These are instructions on connecting MediaMVP directly to a PC.

Notes on using the ZoneAlarm firewall with MediaMVP

Notes on using the Norton Internet Security firewall with MediaMVP

MediaMVP-HD Install Guide

MediaMVP-HD Install guide

Issues with .MKV file playbacks

If you are experiencing problems with .MKV files playing back smoothly, stopping, the status bar remaining on the screen, or other playback related problems with this file format, please download the latest MediaMVP-HD Beta application, version 1.1.14 or later. This version addresses issues playing MKV files.

When connected HDMI and changing sources on my TV set, I sometimes get a “no signal” message and must reset the power on the Media MVP HD to regain the picture?

Switching sources on some TV sets may disrupt the Media MVP HD stream and result in this problem. Simply turning the power on and off using the MVP’s remote control will reset the signal. The latest MediaMVP-HD Beta application, version 1.1.14 or later fixes this problem.

Video files with AC3 audio have no sound on play back

Go into the Setup menu of the Media MVP. Click on System/ Info/ Software and check to see if the Codec Token is set to AC3 . If it is set to None, you need to contact Techsupport and give us the MAC address on the bottom of the unit. This will then be added to our database and your unit will be updated automatically within 24 hours thru the internet.

Contact support link:

downloadDownload Prodinfo

Prodinfo.exe is a program you can run which will extract information about the WinTV product you have installed such as model and serial number, MAC address, revision, and features which can be used to identify the exact model of your product. The driver for the device must be installed in order to run Prodinfo.exe

downloadDownload HCW Clear

HCWCLEAR.exe is a program you run to remove all driver and files that were installed with the installation of the Wintv program.