Setting up Windows Media Center: Digital

To start, open Media Center and select Settnigs then TV, you will then see the option to Set Up TV Signal, choose this option to begin setting up your TV signal:

If you have a previous tuner setup in Media Center you may receive the following warning, simply click Yes to continue the setup:

Click next to continue:

You can change what region you are setting up the signal for, by default this will be set to the same region your computer is set to, confirm this is correct and click Next to continue:

You have now finished configuring the signal, we recommend however that you set up the Guide to gain the full experience from your Media Center PC. Select Set Up Guide listings then click Next to continue:

Click next to continue:

Confirm that you wish to use the Guide and click next to continue:

You will need to agree to the Guide Terms of Service, please read the ToS and select I agree then click next if you wish to continue:

Enter your Post Code in the spaces provided, click next to continue:

Media center will now connect to the internet and download the local provider information, please wait:

Once finished you will be able to click next to continue:

You will now need to select the local transmiter in your region, click next to continue:

Media Center will now begin to download the Guide data, this may take a few minutes to complete, please wait:

Once complete you will be able to click next to continue.

You will now need to scan for TV stations, click Start Scan to begin this scan, it may take a few minutes, please wait.:

Once complete you should have a full channel list (depending on reception) for your area (approx 72 channels), click next to continue:

The wizard should now finish by itself and you will now be able to access Live TV through the My TV option.