High performance Hybrid USB TV tuner for DVB-T/T2/C, PAL and NTSC


A hybrid TV tuner stick for Freeview DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-C plus Analog Multi-PAL TV

Watch and record TV, in a window or full screen. Use the WinTV's built-in scheduler to record your favorite analog or digital TV shows using high quality MPEG-2. Play your TV recordings back to your screen any time.

Triple digital TV formats, plus analogue TV and video capture too!

WinTV-HVR-935-HD is a USB TV tuner supports analogue TV (PAL/NTSC), analogue video AV inputs (Composite or S-video) and High Definition digital TV (DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C). With WinTV-HVR-935HD, you can can receive Free-to-air digital terrestrial HD TV (also called 'DVB-T/T2'), digital cable TV (DVB-C), analogue TV or analogue video AV input and FM or digital radio on your PC or notebook.

Watch and record TV, in a window or full screen. Use the WinTV's built-in scheduler to record your favorite analog or digital TV shows using high quality MPEG-2. Play your TV recordings back to your screen any time.

DVB-T/T2 digital TV is free-to-air digital TV broadcast to receive high quality High Definition digital TV programs. DVB-T/T2 digital TV typically requires an antenna for reception, and is currently broadcasted in many 200 countries, with over 1500 TV stations.
Note: DVB-T/T2 digital TV is NOT digital cable TV or digital satellite TV. The WinTV-HVR-935HD cannot receive digital satellite TV directly. You can bring TV from your satellite box through the WinTV-HVR-935-HD's A/V inputs.

DVB-T/T2 high definition digital TV brings you sharper TV with great sound. Watch high definition digital TV at up to 1080i (1920x1080) on your PC screen. WinTV-HVR-935 ’s DVB-T/T2 digital TV tuner also has automatic identification of channel names plus will record high-definition digital TV programs to your PC’s hard disk in an MPEG-2/4 format without losing quality.

DVB-C digital cable TV channels are digital cable channels which can be watched on a TV set without requiring a cable TV set top box. Many cable operators transmit the local high definition DVB-T/T2 channels using DVB-C. Some cable operators transmit additional non-premium TV programs using DVB-C.

DVB-C channels range from standard definition to the highest 1080i definition.

You’re prepared for the future. If you live in an area where you can’t currently receive DVB-T/T2 digital TV, the WinTV-HVR-935HD can still be used to watch and record analog TV from cable TV or a TV antenna if it is still broadcasting in your region. But you're prepared for the future! When DVB-T/T2/C digital TV comes to your area, WinTV-HVR-935HD will also receive the new digital TV channels.

For Windows 10 WinTV-HVR-935HD comes with the latest Hauppauge WinTV v10 application for Windows 10. Our new single step installer makes installation easier and is fully compatible with Windows 10.

WinTV-HVR-935HD is easy to install. Just plug it into your PC or laptops’ USB 2.0 port and connect a TV antenna (analog cable TV is also supported). In a few minutes you’ll be watching analog or high definition DVB-T/T2/C digital TV on your PC or laptop screen. WinTV-HVR-935HD includes a portable digital antenna (optional), so you can receive digital TV while you travel!*


  • Free-View DVB-C digital cable TV channels are not available on all cable networks. For more information, contact your cable TV provider.
  • To watch DVB-C channels, you should use either the Hauppauge WinTV v10 application or Windows Media Center from Windows 7/8.
  • The WinTV-HVR-935HD includes a portable DVB-T/T2 digital terrestrial antenna, which can be used within 10 miles of an DVB-T/T2 transmitter. When used in the home or office, we recommend a roof top antenna for the best DVB-T/T2 reception.
  • To use the WinTV-HVR-935HD for TV with Windows Media Center, the Hauppauge remote control is not MCE certified and does not replace Media Center remote control.
  • The WinTV-HVR-935HD is AQ certified for use with Windows 7 Media Center application.

WinTV-HVR-935HD Features

A new, improved, USB TV tuner for Windows

Watch, pause and record TV on your Windows PC or laptop!

WinTV-HVR-935HD has these great features in the easiest to install, USB TV tuner available today:

  • Watch and record live over-the-air HDTV (DVB-T/T2), analog TV or Digital Cable TV (DVB-C) on your PC or laptop
  • Easy to install on your laptop or desktop PC ... small and portable, too!
  • Includes the WinTV v10 application to watch TV in window, pause TV or record TV. Plus a remote control and portable TV antenna are included
  • For Windows 10, 8 and 7 plus can also be used with Windows Media Center in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 7

WinTV-HVR-935HD supports these TV and video standards:

  • PAL Analog TV
  • DVB-T/T2 Digital Over the Air HDTV
  • Free-view Digital Cable TV (DVB-C)
  • Channel 3/4 out from a cable TV or satellite TV box
  • Composite and S-Video plus stereo audio

WinTV-HVR-935HD hybrid TV stick features

  • Watch high definition DVB-T/T2 digital TV or analog cable TV on your PC or laptop screen! DVB-T/T2 HD is the over-the-air (free to air) high definition TV standard.
  • No need to open your PC: just plug into your USB 2.0 port.
  • Includes Hauppauge's WinTV application to watch and record TV in a window or full screen. With WinTV-Scheduler, so you can record your favorite TV programs daily, weekly or once only.
  • Digital DVB-T/T2 over-the-air TV tuner built-in. A portable digital TV antenna is included, and can be used to receive digital TV up to 10 miles from a DVB-T/T2 transmitter. Record DVB-T/T2 digital TV programs to your PC's hard disk using high quality MPEG-4. TV recordings will typically consume 5 Gigabytes of disk space per hour for DVB-T/T2 high definition.
  • DVB-C digital cable TV tuner built-in. Watch, pause and record free-view digital cable TV channels.
  • Record analog TV shows to your PC's hard disk using our SoftPVR™ MPEG-2 encoder. Analog TV recordings will typically consume 1.5 Gigabytes of disk space per hour.
  • Windows Media Center compatible: watch and record TV with Microsoft’s Windows Media Center*.

Includes the WinTV v10 application: watch & record hi-definition DVB-T/T2 digital TV or DVB-C free-view digital cable TV

  • Watch and record clear digital cable TV. Free-view DVB-C are digital cable TV programs transmitted on your cable TV network. Many cable operators transmit the high definition local TV channels using DVB-C (check with your local cable TV operator for the availability of DVB-C)
  • Watch and record cable TV or over-the-air DVB-T/T2 high definition digital TV. programs, in a window or full screen on your PC or laptop monitor.
  • Schedule your TV recordings, using the high quality MPEG-2/4 video recording format.
  • Pocket size, easy to install on USB 2.0, The perfect traveling companion for desktop or laptops.

Analog TV features

  • Analog cable TV tuner built-in.
  • Record analog TV shows to your PC's hard disk using our SoftPVR™ MPEG-2 encoder. Analog TV recordings will typically consume 1.5Gb of disk space per hour.

WinTV-HVR-935HD model numbers

WinTV-HVR-935HD Model 01588/01591 includes

  • WinTV-HVR-935-HD USB ​​2.0 Stick for DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-C and analogue TV receiver
  • USB extension cable
  • DVB-T antenna (VHF + UHF)
  • A/V adapter cable
  • IR remote control
  • WinTV activation code and software download card
  • Quick installation guide

Technical specifications


  • Supported TV standards:
    • PAL analog TV
    • DVB-T/T2 HD TV
    • DVB-C digital cable TV(Free-View)
    • Base band analog video (composite video and S-Video)
  • Supported audio formats:
    • Analog video: two channel stereo audio
    • Digital TV: AC3 or two channel
  • Antenna input: IEC connector
  • PC-interface: USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed)

TV recording formats

  • Analog TV and video: MPEG-2
  • Digital TV: transport stream (the original transmitted format, without any quality loss)

WinTV-HVR-935HD system requirements

  • Minimum CPU requirements:
    Dual Core 1.8GHz processor for SD digital channels
    or a 3.0GHz single-core or 2.0 GHz multi-core processor for HD TV and analog TV/video
  • Operating System:
    • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32-bit / 64-bit)
    • Windows Vista (32-bit / 64-bit)
    • Windows Media Center *
  • Sound card or onboard sound
  • A free USB 2.0 or 3.0 port
  • Internet connection for WinTV software installation
  • * Windows Media Center: The reception of DVB-C TV in Windows Media Center requires additional software (DVBLink).

Third Party applications for WinTV-HVR-935HD

For the PC:

Windows Media Center (all versions)


Media Portal

JRiver Media Center

Linux for the WinTV-HVR-935HD

Please see our Linux page for Ubuntu and Plex instructions:please see here.

For customization of the Linux driver, please send an e-mail message to:


What Windows Operating Systems are supported by the WinTV-HVR-935HD?

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8 and 7, Windows Vista, either 32-bit or 64-bit versions
  • Windows XP, Windows XP Pro or Windows XP Media Center Edition, with Service Pack 2 ( or greater.)

Can I use the WinTV-HVR-935HD with Media Center?

Yes, the WinTV-HVR-935HD can be used with Windows Media Center in Windows 8, 7, Vista and with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

To use the WinTV-HVR-935HD with Windows Media Center, download and install the Windows Media Center driver installation package, which will install the WinTV-HVR-935HD Windows driver and the Hauppauge MCE Soft Encoder.

Note: Under Windows 7, the Hauppauge MCE Soft Encoder is pre-installed as part of Windows 7. Therefore, you can skip the installation of the MCE Soft Encoder and simply install the WinTV-HVR-935 Windows driver.

Note: under Windows Media Center, you will only be able to configure WinTV-HVR-935HD as either an Digital tuner or an Analog tuner. You will not be able to switch between Digital and Analog channels.

Can I use the WinTV-HVR-935HD on Linux operating systems?

Yes, the WinTV-HVR-935HD works with Linux operating system. Please refer to our support web site for more details on Linux support.

What type of channels will I receive with the WinTV-HVR-935HD?

PAL Analog CableTV or over-the-air analog TV: You can use your cable TV from the wall to connect to the WinTV-HVR-935HD and receive all of your basic Cable TV channels. You can also use a roof top antenna to receive "over-the-air" TV.

Note: After June 2009, most of the countries will no longer broadcast over-the-air analog signals. Please check with your local TV broadcaster for further updates

DVB-T/T2 over-the-air digital TV: Supports all DVB-T/T2 formats, up to the high definition 1080i format!
Note: For DVB-T/T2 free to air digital TV, a rooftop/outdoor antenna is recommended for optimal results/signal strength.

DVB-C digital cable TV Channels: DVB-C free-view digital cable TV channels are unencrypted digital cable TV channels. DVB-C allows users to watch unencrypted digital TV channels from their cable TV provider without a set-top box.
Note: WinTV v8, v8.5, WinTV v10 or Microsoft Windows 7 is required for DVB-C digital TV reception
Note: Check your local cable TV provider for DVB-C digital TV reception over your cable TV network.

Can I get HD with the WinTV-HVR-935HD through my Cable or Satellite box?

No. The WinTV-HVR-935HD has an DVB-T/T2 over-the-air digital TV tuner built-in and supports all DVB-T/T2 formats, up to the high definition 1080i format. The WinTV-HVR-935HD will support DVB-T/T2 broadcasts that are currently being transmitted over-the-air. It will not be able to decode HD broadcasts that come through your cable or satellite set-top box. The WinTV-HVR-935HD also supports DVB-C digital cable TV channels through your direct cable TV line if available from your cable TV provider.

What type of recordings can I make with the WinTV-HVR-935HD?

Using the WinTV v8, v8.5, WinTV v10 application, the WinTV-HVR-935HD will record in a transport stream (TS)
For DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C digital TV recordings, the recording format and bit rate is exactly the same as the broadcast format (i.e. DVB-T/T2 1080i is recorded at 1080i).
For PAL analog cable TV recordings, our SoftPVR is used to create Transport Stream files (TS)

Note: TS files can be converted to MPEG files using options in the WinTV v8.x/v10 configuration menu.

Note: The WinTV 6 application recording are in MPEG format for both digital and analog.

Note: Not all recordings made with DVB-T/T2/C signals are DVD compliant.

Can I record one show while watching another with the WinTV-HVR-935HD?

No. The WinTV-HVR-935HD will only be able to record the program that is being viewed using the WinTV v8, v8.5, WinTV v10 application. But the Hauppauge WinTV v8/8.5/10 application allows up to 4 WinTV-HVR-935HD's to be used in one system at a time.

What file size will the recorded videos be?

Digital Broadcasts (DVB-T/T2 or DVB-C)

The file size of a digital signal capture depends on the bitrate of the digital signal.  The bitrate is set by the broadcaster and cannot be user configured.  Bitrates for digital signals can range anywhere from about 1.2 Mbits/sec up to 19.3 Mbits/sec.  Most of the time these bitrates are variable and not constant.  Capture sizes for DVB-T/T2 & DVB-C recordings are approximately 1.7 Gigabytes per hour up to 8.3 Gigabytes per hour.

Analog Broadcast.

The WinTV application has to convert analog signals to digital in order to record. There are four recording profiles. The following list shows recording file sizes for burning to 4.3Gb DVD:

Best - Approx 1 Hour+
Better - Approx 1 1/2 Hours
Good - Approx 2 Hours
Fair - Approx 3 Hours

WinTV-HVR-935HD Videos

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