Hauppauge Capture
Record, trim, upload and stream your game play

Hauppauge Capture Features

  • Record, edit and upload your Xbox, PlayStation, WiiU and PC game play in HD
  • New feature: record your videos with Facecam (HD PVR 2 and HD PVR Rocket)
  • Game commentary recording and streaming, with multi-track audio (HD PVR 2 only)
  • Simple and fast trim editor
  • Upload your game recordings to YouTube
  • Built-in StreamEez (HD PVR 2 and HD PVR Rocket) for Twitch, YouTube and Ustream streaming. YouTube streaming requires Live Event enabled by YouTube.
  • Built-in logo inserter (HD PVR 2 only)
  • Simple to use video quality selector and scaling options
  • Support for recording 5.1 channel audio over Optical and SPDIF on the HD PVR 2 GE Plus and the HD PVR 2 model 1512

Hauppauge Capture Download

Hauppauge Capture version 33251

Version 33251
Date: September 7, 2015

  • Skipback function in the Capture tab so you can record in the past
  • Includes FaceCam frame. The setup for frames is in the Settings tab. You can make your own frame too! Just create a png file with a megenta background where you want FaceCam to go, and drop the PNG file in Users -> Public -> Hauppauge Capture -> Effects. It will then show up in the list of frames in the Settings menu.

Updates in this version

  • New HD PVR 2 driver (1.6.33232) included to help fix problems when recording at very high bitrates
  • Fixes issue with passthrough audio not working on HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition
  • New function: HD PVR Rocket will not remux when Mic is set to none or the Rocket microphone, capturing direct raw TS output of the device
  • Improvements to SkipBack mode
  • Cleaning up temp-x-xxx.ts files which might be left behind
  • Fixed an issue where video could end up 15 seconds behind live, if signal dropped or HDMI cable was removed
  • Fixed issue with record button not working on HD PVR Rocket
  • Fixed issue where mute status could get in the wrong state after app restart (from Edit and Capture tabs)
  • Fixed issue with USB Mic levels were not set correctly on HD PVR Rocket
  • Fixed issue on HD PVR Rocket where it would show "Waiting for HDMI Input" rather than real resolution
  • Improvement in webcam mode for HD PVR Rocket
  • Fixed issue where HD PVR Rocket might not show video
  • Fixed an issue where turning off a DisplayPort monitor while recording could stop the recording from continuing

Comments, questions on this beta version? Please e-mail us at: support@hauppauge.com

Adds Facecam to recordings. To turn on the Facecam, go to the Settings tab and select your webcam in the Webcam drop down menu. On slower PCs (slower than an Intel i5), the 'Low resource mode' is turned on.

To install:
  • Click the download button and Save Hauppauge Capture to your PC (do not select 'Run')
  • Once Hauppauge Capture is downloaded, run the Hauppauge Capture installation
  • After installation, you will be asked to reboot your PC. Please reboot.
  • While rebooting your PC, if you have an HD PVR 2, remove the power plug from the back of the HD PVR 2 for a few seconds and then plug it back in. This resets the HD PVR 2.
  • Once your PC is rebooted, you will see the Hauppauge Capture icon on your Windows desktop. Run it. No other setup is needed.
New features in this version:
  • Now has three recording formats: M2TS, MP4 and TS
  • F6 now launches the Webcam property page: adjust your webcam's image from the main Capture tab to see your adjustments in real time
  • Updates to StreamEez, with improved preview
  • New function in Advanced: EDID option "HDMI Passthrough". This allows you to limit the resolution of your console to that supported by your TV, rather than the resolution supported by the HD PVR 2. This fixes problems with 720p TV's where you would not see the game console on the TV set but a good image in Hauppauge Capture.
  • Bug fixed with some webcams where there would be no video after enabling Facecam
  • Adds microphone recording to Colossus
  • Improved MP4 Export function
  • Fixes an issue where the mute state could get swapped after closing the application
  • Supports USB Microphones on HD PVR Rocket for recording (but not yet for streaming)
  • Added Microphone delay page to Advanced Settings for Rocket
  • Improved microphone delay slider, now supports +- 500 ms
  • Fixed upload to YouTube and YouTube live steaming log-in problems
  • Option to enable/disable 5.1 audio via HDMI is back
  • New feature: StreamEez support for the Rocket: stream with Twitch and YouTube
  • New feature: Record hotkey: Alt and the space bar starts and stops recording
  • New feature: Multi-track audio recording. To turn on multi-track recording, click:
    Advanced -> Audio encoder and select Use Multiple Audio tracks. Click OK and then close and reopen Hauppauge Capture.
    Each of your audio sources will now be on a separate track, and can be edited in Sony Vegas. To check out the multi-track audio, we suggest you open your recording in the VLC media player and click on Audio -> Audio track and you can listen to track 1 (game), track 2 (microphone) or track 3 (PC audio).

Hauppauge Capture Beta Versions

None at this time

Hauppauge Capture Compatibility

Hauppauge Capture supports the following models:

  • HD PVR 2 (all models)
  • HD PVR Rocket (all models)
  • StreamEez Pro (all models)
  • HD PVR model 1212 and other original HD PVR models (Webcam, Logo, Streaming, Microphone, and direct MP4 capture not supported)
  • Colossus (all models)(Webcam and Logo not supported)
  • Colossus 2 (all models)

Note: you can have Showbiz, WinTV v7 and Hauppauge Capture installed at the same time on your PC, but you can only record from one program at a time.

Hauppauge Capture image gallery

If you have any comments on the Hauppauge Capture application, please e-mail them to: TheFrontDesk@hauppauge.com
We'd appreciate hearing what you think!

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Recording and Editing Footage with Hauppauge Capture

Adding your logo with the personal logo in Hauppauge Capture

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